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3 Planets, 9 tribes,
7898 Dynamic NFTS

Empowering gamers & creators in a community-owned, inclusive metaverse composed of three planets that encapsulate the historic human condition in a dystopian future.

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Embody your Web3 Persona.

Pick your Tribe from 7898 unique Oxyans from 3 Planets. The genesis collection is divided into 9 mini-collections, one for each tribe.

Staking is available.

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Planet of luxion
Theme of naya
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Join the Oxyan Gaming revolution

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Lands are coming...

3 distinct Cultures & Environments.

Web.3 real-estate in a community-owned virtual world.

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Chapter 1: Genesis

  • Oxya Inception in May 2021.
  • Origins & Storyline Introduced.
  • 7898 Oxyans Unleashed.
  • 350K total community accross social media early 2022.
  • Lands Introduction.
  • 1st Dynamic NFTs implementation.
  • 1st Community Vote D.A.O.
  • First 8x8 Lands pre-sale to partners.
  • Strategic and Technological partnerships.
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Chapter 2: The Future is Now

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