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3 Planets, 9 tribes,
7898 Dynamic NFTS

Empowering gamers & creators in a community-owned, inclusive metaverse composed of three planets that encapsulate the historic human condition in a dystopian future.

Each Oxyan grants entry to the exclusive OXYA CLUB & represents early access keys to the upcoming MetaGames including the first AAA video-game on the blockchain

Dare To Play

Embody your Web3 Persona.

Pick your Tribe & Dare to Play.

7898 unique Oxyans from 3 Planets are the first Dynamic NFTs. The genesis collection is divided into 9 mini-collections, one for each tribe.

Stake your Oxyan to earn weekly Mystery Boxes & whitelist spots for the Lands Mint.

Oxyans represent early acess keys to the first AAA Web3 MetaRPG.

One character of Oxya Origin
Theme of KryoHover in land of Kryo
Planet of luxion
Theme of naya
Planet of luxionHover in planet of Luxion
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Join the Oxyan Gaming revolution

Wave 1 : Limited availability, get your Land while you still can
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Design your Personal Space

3 planets with distinct Cultures & Environments.

Web.3 real-estate in a community-owned virtual world.
- Design your personal space.
- Create immersive experiences.
- Defend & Attack in PVP Raids.
- Farm resources & $OXYA token.
- Build utility infrastructures.

Land of KyroLand of LuxionPlatform of naya


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Chapter 1: Genesis

  • Oxya Inception in May 2021.
  • Origins & Storyline Introduced.
  • 7898 Oxyans Unleashed.
  • 350K total community accross social media early 2022.
  • Lands Introduction.
  • 1st Dynamic NFTs implementation.
  • Genesis Collection sold-out in 20 mins at 0.3 eth Mint price.
  • 1st Community Vote D.A.O.
  • First 8x8 Lands pre-sale to partners.
  • Strategic and Technological partnerships.
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Chapter 2: Lands

  • Community Lords Rewards Starting (3%).
  • Staking Platform.
  • Lightpaper & Whitepaper Release.
  • Interactive and 3D Maps.
  • 1st Wave Lands Sale.
  • Arena Mini Game & P2E Implementation.
  • Web Platform Game & Yield Farming Starts.
  • Oxyan Passport, Club & OG Club.
  • Arena Mini Game & P2E Implementation.
  • $OXYA Token Launch.
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Chapter 3: Journey to the Future.

  • 2nd Wave Lands Sale.
  • Craft your Own NFT.
  • First Legendary Animals Revealed.
  • Listing $OXYA on Centralized Exchange.
  • Season 1 battle for Genesis, Conquest for Lands.
  • Nobility Ascension & Other Royalties.
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Chapter 4: Trade Republic.

  • Season 2 Battle for Genesis & Best Players Rewards.
  • Oxya Marketplace.
  • Complete D.A.O Launch.
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Chapter 5: Into The OXYAVERSE

  • The OXYAVERSE alpha launch.
  • Planets, Lands & Ecosystem Expansion.
  • Showroom Bricks Integration.
  • Social Events & Parties on your Land.
  • Landholding Customization & Personalization with In-Game Assets.
  • Playable Collaborate-to-Earn MMORPG.
  • Outsider Metaverses Integration.
  • Focus on Design, Aesthetics & Mechanics.
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Chapter 6: The Future is Now

Arrow of planet's slider
Arrow of planet's slider

Our Ecosystem

Be a Partner

$OXYA tokenomics & marketplace will be released soon.

The date and conditions of the $OXYA token sale will be disclosed in the near future. It will be at the center of The OXYAVERSE’s economic ecosystem for trading, governance, asset tokenization, rarity upgrades & rewards.

Dare to Play in The OXYAVERSE

Set your sights on the future & join the largest Web.3 community comprising creators, gamers and entrepreneurs.

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